Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wilson LSRT Meeting

Tuesday, August 5th at 7:30 am
Room 124

Proposed agenda:

I. Formal adoption of July Minutes

II. Ground rules

III. LSRT Mission Statement

IV. LSRT Appointments - update, if any, re: additional members

V. Principal's Report
Welcome, orientation and mentoring plans for new teachers and staff
-Proposed changes to practices, policies, programs and training that impact school climate
-90-day Plan

VI. Facilities and Business Report - Mr. Howe (plus continuing discussion of proposal to have WMC take over management of OTPS monies)

V. 2007-8 Local School Plan
-Brief review
-Develop working group to write evaluation

VII. 2008-9 Local School Plan
-Brief review of key elements from Chancellor's Restructuring Plan
-Develop on-going working group for Plan

VIII. Office and Lab Assistants-procedures to fill

IX. Test Score Distribution Plan

X. Delineation of duties and responsibilities of LSRT, SCAC, and Personnel Committee - Mr. Martel

XI. Update on Master Schedule - Ms. Waits

XII. Update on STEP - Ms. Butler

XIII. Update on Summer Transition Programs
-Orientation - Ms. Berkey and Mr. Bargeman
-Jump Start - Summer Bridge for incoming below grade level 9th graders - Mr. Bargeman
-Plans for double periods of math/English - ??

Mary L. FroningWilson LSRT Chair
Phone: 202-244-9194Fax: 202-966-7183

If another meeting is necessary, it will be held
Tuesday, August 26th at 4:30 pm

LSRT meetings are at Wilson Senior High School in Room 124

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